Failure in ChatGPT log in via Edge browser

I am a marketing content writer, you know GPT is crazy and save so much time in my job.
But I find a problem logging in to ChatGPT via Edge browser today.

When I enter my account to log in one hour ago, it shows that the browser is under checking, then there is a full-screen blank, but nothing loaded.

I tried too many times but it does not work.
It seems that my account or my IP or my browser is blocked by GPT.

Guys, did you meet the same problem?
And how to solve it?
Anyone can help me?

Mason T.

I have been seeking a solution to the same problem. Everyone has been facing the same problem on every browser and device. It’s from the side of an open AI. Hopefully, it will be sorted out soon.

You can check on the outage at

I hope this helps.


Thanks, friend.
Now I cannot work without GPT as my assistant. lol
I thought my account was blacklisted.
Hopefully, it will be solved soon.

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