Extremely Slow and Frozen w/ GPT4o

Even with a 200 MPS internet connection, the GPT chats have recently been extremely slow and do not continue with responses…every single time, I manually have to close the window and reopen the browser it order for GPT’s response to show up. This seems to have begun around the same time GPT was upgraded to 4o. Is this a known bug?

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Your internet speed has nothing to do with the speed of responses you’ll get from ChatGPT.

The text stream is on the order of maybe a few kilobytes. I just took a >4,000 token response and as raw text it takes up 13.8 kB. It would take less than 0.057 seconds to download that much data on a 2mbps connection.

The speed is related to server load and the length of context you are sending to the model.

If you need to close the window and re-open it to see the response that really sounds like a your computer issue more than an OpenAI issue.

Try disabling extensions, using a different browser, connecting in incognito mode, etc.

While it’s possible that there is some issue on OpenAI’s end, this doesn’t sound like that without some more evidence pointing that way.

Thank you for replying. I have not significantly changed the conversational context over time. Are you saying the slowing has more to do with cumulative converations or each specific submission within one? Also, yes the problem is solved when using other devices rather than my desktop. So what spec/defect in my desktop could be responsible for the problem, do you think? It’s not only a need to reload each time, but submitting new text also takes a long time to begin with. The problem does seem much less severe with new or shorter conversations as well.

Longer conversations require more processing. But it really sounds like a browser issue.

I’d start out by just trying some of the things I suggested, try a different browser, disable extensions, try in incognito mode, etc.