Export Chats in ChatGPT-Team

Hello, I can no longer find a way to export chats as XML in the ChatGPT team. In ChatGPT Plus, there is such an option. You then get a link to a zip file.

Same here, it’s supposed to be under Settings > Data Controls > Export, but there is no such link that I can find.

You can’t export after moving to a Teams workspace. I just wanted the 100 messages every 4 hours so I “upgraded” but now I can’t access my data. This sucks.

    1. Merge your ChatGPT Personal (Free/Plus) workspace into your Team workspace. This allows you to migrate data from your personal workspace to your Team workspace to become one unified workspace, and deletes your personal workspace after migration. If you have a Plus subscription, we will automatically cancel it and provide a refund for your remaining subscription period, except if you have a mobile subscription. If you have a mobile subscription, please see the linked articles for how to [cancel your Plus subscription on iOS]
      Please note that merging your workspaces is irreversible.

What will happen to my data if I merge my workspaces?

All of your existing chat history and GPTs from your personal workspace will be moved to the Team workspace. Any plugins or custom instructions that you’ve set up in your personal workspace will be deleted upon merging. If you had an existing verified domain in your GPT Builder Profile, you will need to re-verify that domain in the new Team workspace.

Is it possible to lose access to migrated data on my Team workspace?

If you migrate your data, that data is now considered part of your Team workspace. If you lose access to your Team workspace, you will also lose access to the migrated data.

This means that if you ever leave or get removed from the Team workspace, or if the workspace itself gets deactivated, you will lose access to all of your data in your Team workspace. Instead, when you access your account, you will be redirected to a new Personal workspace without existing data. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure you understand your Team or organization’s policies before choosing whether to merge your personal workspace or keep your personal workspace separate.

Can I export my data on a Team workspace?

No, you cannot export your data on a Team workspace.