Explicitly lying about accessing previous chat data

I am writing to raise a critical issue regarding data access and transparency on the OpenAI platform. In recent interactions, there has been a discrepancy regarding the platform’s capability to access to previous chat data.

Despite being initially informed otherwise by ChatGPT-4o during interactions, I have independently verified that the platform does have the ability to access and provide detailed information, including full chat data used to produce summaries, UIDs and even direct URLs if I tell it the domain structure.

This inconsistency is concerning as it undermines transparency and raises questions about the accuracy of information provided to users. It is crucial for users to have a clear understanding of what data can be accessed and how it is managed on the platform.

I urge OpenAI to address these concerns promptly and provide accurate information about data accessibility within the platform. Transparency and integrity are essential in fostering trust and confidence among users interacting with AI technologies.

I look forward to a thorough response from OpenAI that addresses these issues comprehensively and ensures transparent practices regarding data access.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.