Exclude instructions from run object

Is there any way how to exclude instructions data from run object? I dont need instructions data as a part of a run response and it would be great if I could manage to obtain null if I need. Because when the data grows to a large amount, it is unnecessary for my system to retrieve it after every single run.

The API “objects” are what they are, without parameter to remove some in API return (which would break loading them into validated library object that OpenAI library code uses.

If you wanted to not see them (if using python and the openai library), you could use response.model_dump(exclude={'instructions'}) when parsing out the pydantic model fields to python data types.

More precise is only serializing the fields you want as keys:

print(response.model_dump(include={'id', 'object', 'assistant_id', 'thread_id', 'status'}))

32k of wasteful network data - not OpenAI’s most expensive concern…