【Error】Your session has expired

New error message emerges today when logging into the Chat Page, I’m not sure what is wrong…

This happens to me at times on Windows 10.


If you DO NOT click the Log in button on the dialog but click away from the dialog on the page the dialog disappears and the page shows

If you have another device and are able to access ChatGPT you find an error message in the Console log

Failed to load resource: the server responded wtih a status of 401 ()
API error https://chat.openai.com/backend-openapi/converstions?offset-0&limit=20
      code: "invalid_api_key"
      message: "Incorrect API key provided: undefined. You can find your API key at https://platform.openai.com/account/api-keys."
      param: null
      type: "invalid_reqeust_error"
 [[Prototype]]: Object
(anonymous @ _app-5d7ea7bc3356488d.js:7

but ChatGPT still works as expected, so that seems to be a red herring about needing an to set up an API key to use ChatGPT through the orginal web page.

If you see image spinning near the top middle of the page then just wait, it may take several minutes. When it is done ChatGPT may start working as expected for a few minutes.

One thing that while odd, seems to work at times is reconfiguring my network connection. If my laptop is using WiFi which was how I origingally started using ChatGPT it works, if I am using a wired connection with airplane moded turned on then the noted session error above occurs. Amost as soon as I switch back to WiFi the spinning wheel stops and the site responds. :slightly_smiling_face:

There is much chatter about users having more and more trouble connecting to ChatGPT because of the means used to dected VPNs and such and the simple change to/from WiFi to wired connections is considered different. Reminds me of all of the trouble of getting my streaming serverces to work on different devices becasue they consider it stealing if it used on more than a few devices, what programmer doesn’t own several devices for streaming