Error using image variant API

I have the following code to use the image variant API using an image uploaded to discord:

       try {
          for (const attachment of message.attachments.values()) {
            if (attachment.contentType && attachment.contentType.startsWith('image/')) {
              // Use axios to fetch the image buffer
              const response = await axios.get(attachment.url, {
                responseType: 'arraybuffer'
              const imageBuffer = Buffer.from(, 'binary');
              const image = sharp(imageBuffer);
              const metadata = await image.metadata();
              if (metadata.width && metadata.height) {
                const minDimension = Math.min(metadata.width, metadata.height);
                const croppedImageBuffer = await image
                    left: Math.round((metadata.width - minDimension) / 2),
                    top: Math.round((metadata.height - minDimension) / 2),
                    width: minDimension,
                    height: minDimension,

                // Convert the cropped image buffer to a readable stream
                const imageStream = Readable.from(croppedImageBuffer);
                const openAIResponse = await openai.images.createVariation({
                  image: imageStream,
                  n: 1,

                // Assuming 'openAIResponse' returns an object with a 'data' property containing an array of image URLs
                const imageData =[0];
                if (imageData.url) {
                  const variationImageBuffer = Buffer.from(imageData.url, 'base64');
                  const attachment = new AttachmentBuilder(variationImageBuffer, { name: 'variation.jpg' });
                  await message.reply({ files: [attachment] });
                } else {
                  throw new Error('Invalid OpenAI response: Missing URL.');
        } catch (error) {
          console.error('Error processing image:', error);
          await message.reply('There was an error processing your image.');

At run time, I get the following error:

Error processing image: TypeError: Invalid value given to form, expected a string, number, boolean, object, Array, File or Blob but got read() {
      } instead
    at addFormValue (/usr/src/tf/node_modules/openai/src/uploads.ts:241:11)
    at /usr/src/tf/node_modules/openai/src/uploads.ts:238:51
    at (<anonymous>)
    at addFormValue (/usr/src/tf/node_modules/openai/src/uploads.ts:238:29)
    at /usr/src/tf/node_modules/openai/src/uploads.ts:205:70
    at (<anonymous>)
    at createForm (/usr/src/tf/node_modules/openai/src/uploads.ts:205:48)
    at multipartFormRequestOptions (/usr/src/tf/node_modules/openai/src/uploads.ts:199:32)
    at Images.createVariation (/usr/src/tf/node_modules/openai/src/resources/images.ts:16:79)
    at /usr/src/tf/index.ts:830:60

The error corresponds to the following line from the snippet:

const openAIResponse = await openai.images.createVariation({

Any idea what’s going wrong?

Are you using the latest version of the library?

latest appears to be … Releases 70

v4.24.4 Latest
Jan 12, 2024

+ 69 releases