Error in documentation (or bug)

In here in says that the tool call id is called “tool_call_id” but when trying the API I have seen it is actually called “id”. This is not consistent with here where it is “tool_call_id” (and it is correct in the documentation).
Where would you report this?


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I’ve tagged this doc-error so any OpenAI employees dropping by can quickly see a list of typos and what-not.

You might also send a note to

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The link takes me directly into the assistants documentation. There, you are interacting with different objects from the run function’s tools, which either may be performed internally, such as to the code interpreter, or may be waiting on being fulfilled by your own API tool.

Comparing to the schema described in the API reference, we have consistency in the “submitting tool outputs to run” being “tool_call_id”.

The only inconsistency is in the “requires_action” status when AI is calling for your function instead of a server-side tool feature. There the API reference also describes “id” in the run object. The 1-out-of-3 (and 4 with your report) that needs correction is the example here.

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Well, the inconsistency is secondary and is consequence of the bug.
The bug is that it says

"submit_tool_outputs": {
      "tool_calls": [
          "tool_call_id": "call_Vt5AqcWr8QsRTNGv4cDIpsmA",
          "type": "function",

and when calling the API it actually is

"submit_tool_outputs": {
      "tool_calls": [
          "id": "call_Vt5AqcWr8QsRTNGv4cDIpsmA",
          "type": "function",

And the inconsistency (which is a consequence) comes from the fact that later this same ID is called “tool_call_id”

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