Emdeddings vector values for a string vs the same string in an array of strings

If I submit a single string to the endpoint as opposed to including it in an array with other strings, should I expect the values in the returned vector to be different or the same? For example:

{input:“the sky is blue”}


{input:[“the sky is blue”,“the car is blue”]}

will the vector for “the sky is blue” have the same values in both cases or will they be different?

They might be a little different but they should be very close. Are you seeing something different? If so, can you post the responses you’re getting from each request?

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OK, thanks. Might be a little different is good enough for me. If I see substantial differences I’ll post something. What I was after is when I already have embeddings for data and I add to the data, would it be valid to fetch embeddings only for the new data as opposed to resubmitting it all. From your answer it looks like I should be find doing this. Thanks for your response.

you should be able to use previously encoded data freely, the only time you may want to re embed is if you’re using a different engine, or if you’d like a different “shape” for the embedding

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