Embeddings for tokens used by GPT models?

Where can I see the embeddings used for the tokens that a given GPT model uses? (Not the embedding for an arbitrary prompt supported by the embeddings endpoint (using text-embedding-ada-... models).

Or are the embeddings I get back from the API (if I were to supply a token rather than an arbitrary string) the ones learned by GPT.

I’d guess the answer is that one cannot retrieve the embeddings used by GPT (since they are a valuable part of what the model learns), but that then begs the question: What are the embeddings returned by the embeddings endpoint? In what sense are they relevant to GPT?

You could try piecing together theories by looking at open source transformer models, or your own models.

But since the latest GPT models are all private, who besides the OpenAI engineers know?

They aren’t transmitting the internal buffers and arrays in the API from these private models. It’s a black box.

But for fun, you could embed each token, create a vector library of all tokens, and then spin your own model based on this mapping of tokens to vectors.