Edit imported PNG image with transparency

Hello everybody,

Yesterday was my first day using Dall-E and it has been a great day ! Flabbergasted I am :slight_smile:

I have a question already if anyone can help.

In Dallery.gallery’s “Ultimate guide to DALL·E 2: how to use it & how to get access” on… Ultimate guide to DALL·E 2: how to use it & how to get access – DALL·Ery GALL·Ery I have read…

“You can erase more precise areas of an image using Photoshop or a similar tool. Just save the image, with the erased areas transparent, as a PNG – then upload to DALL·E.
DALL·E will interpret the transparent pixels in the uploaded images as editable.”

I tried that, using a PNG file with transparency, although the transparent areas appeared in the editor after import, nothing was created there after pressing generate. Anyone ever tried this and succeed ?

Thanks a lot for helping.


Sometimes it doesn’t recognize the transparency and you still need to use the browser tool…

It’s supposed to automatically pick up the transparency in the DALLE2 web-app, but I’ve noticed it doesn’t always work. I’m wondering if this is the 24bit vs 32bit PNG problems some have with the API…

Using the ERASER tool on the transparent spot should work.

Hope this helps.

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Using the eraser indeed perfectly work on the imported PNG.

In face I just wanted to make an experiment with a text written in transparent and then generate content in these areas to see the result as writing text doesn’t appear to work well with Dall-E.

Anyway thanks for your answer, I guess this will be fixed in a little while though.

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Do you happen to know if it was a 24bit or 32bit PNG image?

I tried this yesterday, and got a few results.
I began with a 72 dpi jpg in Photoshop. I’m a painter, so I used a pic of one of my paintings. I made sure it was a square image.That way I didn’t need to use the OPENAI crop tool. I set it to 1024 x 1024 px. I removed everything I didn’t want DALL-E to read. In other words, the PSD file had a transparent background. I then saved it as a PNG file.
I uploaded that to the DALL-E and added a few prompts, adjusting them each time.
I then took these images and re-worked them in Photoshop.
As I say, it worked. The interface is clunky, but I’m sure the developers are working to improve it.
This is the end result:

I meant to add that the png is RGB/8 and so 32-bit, and good luck!

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