Dream features for ChatGPT and custom GPTs

Quick and easy:

  • staging (to avoid copy’n’paste instructions from a published GPT to a new GPT just to make some tests)
  • detailed GPT stats (I still ignore when, from where and how long users enjoy it)
  • backup/import instructions and knowledge from external repository (GitHub, GitLab even if not SaaS)
  • number of clones with same instructions stats + quick red card (ban) for them
  • whitelist domains for web search (must never get data from unwanted sources)
  • convert normal GPT prompt into custom GPT instruction when u luckily find the perfect behaviour on responses
  • conditional memory (I want to be able to delete unwanted memory blocks)
  • conditional math (I want to enable an option to make GPT calc before to respond for token driven hardest challenges like math and small digits traps)

happy delivery :beer: