Does the Playground support functions?

I’m trying to work with functions in the Playground, but I don’t see how to add a message of type function or to set the function property for a completion. Are functions not supported in the Playground?


Interesting catch, not realised that myself, as everything is just strings of text I assume you could create the same result if you knew how the functions were sent to the model via the API.

Have you looked at the GitHub OpenAI Cookbook repository?

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Thanks, but I don’t see anything there related to the Playground.

When you note Playground, I am thinking API. Are you specifically talking about interfacing with the playground page instead of a model? I am confused on what you mean by playground.

I mean interacting with the models through this interface:

I believe cliff was referring to the fact that the Playground API interface lacks an input box for testing Functions, i.e. the Function parameter cannot be populated with a json object… do I have that correct, cliff?

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There is a third party tool called Knit. A tutorial was recently posted showing it being used with functions.

Tutorial: How to debug your prompt with function calls on Knit

Are you seeking something similar for the OpenAI playground?

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Thanks, yes, I was looking to be able to do to this in the OpenAI Playground. I’ll check out that Knit tutorial.

Any update on this?
Are there plans to add Dunction Calling to the UI of Playground?

It is critical for us to support it in our code (Playground is part of our development process)