Does the assistant keep history through all threads?

I’m using the assistant API on my app.
We are doing a lot of tests to generate dish ideas.

Everytime we generate new ideas, we create a new thread (with same assistant).
There’s this thing that we cannot tell if it’s really happening or not :

  • We run a dozen of time our request with the same dish title (i.e. “rabbit something”), which give dish ideas, revisited version of the dish, etc.
  • And later in the day, we run again, asking AI to generate ideas with the dish title “Lasagna”, and in the 15 ideas, one or two of them have something with “rabbit”, even though usually it doesn’t.

Everytime it’s a different thread, but the same assistant. The prompt are always the same, only some info change like the dish name, and some filters we add on it.

Is it possible that the assistant has a history of all the generations and is influenced by them ?

Information :

  • gpt-4-turbo or gpt-4o
    assistant used like that :
    $assistant = $this->client->assistants()->retrieve(config(‘openai.asst_key’));
    $thread = $this->client->threads()->create();
    $message = $this->client->threads()->messages()->create($thread->id, [
    ‘role’ => ‘user’,
    ‘content’ => $prompt,

    $run = $this->client->threads()->runs()->create(
    threadId: $thread->id,
    parameters: [
    ‘model’ => $aiModel,
    ‘assistant_id’ => $assistant->id,
    ‘instructions’ => $assistantPrompt,
    ‘response_format’ => [“type” => “json_object”],
    ‘temperature’ => 0.6,

The prompt looks like that (but is more complete) : “Give me a list with 15 savoury dish, revisited version of a ‘$classicDishName’ . The suggestions should be different and distinct . Vary the results.”

Superficial Answer: No. Because this would blow up the context length from an end user standpoint.

Deeper Answer: It is possible that OpenAI is experimenting with memory with API in the backend (just an hypothesis). In which case you might be seeing additional menu items("rabbit something ") alongwith Lasagna. But not directly tied to Assistant.