Does the 20 files limit also apply to individual threads?

For my app I have one “master” assistant and a dedicated thread per user, so each user has their own context/experience. I want it so that users can upload personal files in their thread (so NOT attaching it to the assistant during the assistant creation process with assistants.create(), but instead with threads.messages.create() at the thread level). Thus in the thread the assistant will give responses specific to the files that a given user has uploaded in their own thread (and not refer to other users files uploaded in separate threads).

My question: Can a user upload more than 20 files in their own thread? Ie. does the 20 file limit only apply to when you’re creating an assistant and attaching the files at “assistant level”? I’m praying this is the case as it’s expected my users will upload more than 20 files to their thread over the course of their usage lifecycle…


The link in the docs that prompted my anxiety:

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