Does fine-tuning freeze past messages of the AI?

I intend to fine-tune a model that would be aware of its previous mistakes. E.g.

#### Example 1
User: what's 2x2?
AI: 4.
User: Are you sure?
AI: Absolutely.

#### Example 2
User: what's 2x2?
AI: 5.
User: Are you sure?
AI: Sorry, I meant 4.

I’d like to know if the first message of the AI is considered frozen from the optimization point of view. Otherwise, with this approach, I would teach the model to say 5, when it knows it’s 4.

I suspect the second example will be showing it how it should respond to the first turn of a similar conversation.

More than the answer, it trains the behavior of the AI to reverse its position when questioned.

The only way to know is to guess and try, making a small fine-tune with high epochs to make a strong example and see what it likes to repeat back.