Does ChatGPT API has a context parameter?


I am using AI Engine(A WordPress Plugin which calls OpenAI API), whose document said there are two parameters to control the chatGPT, context and temperature. See Tutorial | Meow Apps . And it says “context” is the most important parameter.

However, when checking ChatGPT official document at OpenAI API, I find actually there are no such a parameter called “context” at all.


Looks like the tutorial you linked is for some custom built app thats using OpenAI
To me it seems thats the System message
Context: It’s the most important parameter. This is where you instruct the AI to behave in a certain way, to avoid replying to some questions. You can also add your company profile, some of your links, etc. There are many cases where using the context is enough to have an amazing chatbot.

I think Context = message with role system

Which is used to give instructions to the GPT which it should follow

Hi, @Neoony,

I check the document for messages. It seems that the message can only define very limited roles, i.e., One of system, user, or assistant, no other option. While the remaining part of the message, i.e., content and name, also not looks like the context, which defines the behavior of the AI.

system = the role/behaviour that the bot should follow
user = your messages
assistant = GPT completion

Example of conversation

System: Your name is GPTbot, your role is helpful assistant, you only respond as GPTbot. (insert any info he should use or examples of how he should behave or not behave…context)
User: Tell me about GPT
Assistant: Hello, I am GPTbot and I am your helpful assistant. GPT is …
User: Tell me about OpenAI
Assistant: OpenAI is …

The system message is where you set the GPTs role, name, or give him any context, or examples of how he should behave. He will try to follow it, and he will try to prioritize instructions in system message over any user message

You can also use name
“role”: “assistant”, “name”: “GPTbot”, “content”: “completion text”
“role”: “user”, “name”: “Neoony”, “content”: “prompt text”
But keep in mind its limited to certain characters, otherwise you just have to include name in the content

Just keep in mind 3.5 is pretty bad at following system message
4 is much better at it

From: OpenAI API

I am pretty sure AI Engine is masking context as system message based on their description

Hi, @Neoony

Get it. Thank you so much. It looks like the “context” is just the system message, though it does not work well on chatgpt 3.5.

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