Does anyone know a way of Chat GPT actually sticking to a word count?

I create a lot of work for social media and blogging platforms and often give character limits or targets, depending on the objective, but most of the time it goes over this limit, and I spend multiple replies to actually get it to create the correct length post.

It even tells me it’s created a tweet under 280 characters (with the character count, eg. 215) and then i check it and it’s 370 characters, for example.

Not only can it not do a basic word processing word count, but it also lies about the number of characters it’s counted in case I don’t notice.

Any tips on how i can create a model that actually counts and creates accurate length content would be much appreciated.

super annoying…I got slightly better results by asking it to "reduce the number of characters by 20% for example, instead of giving it concrete numbers or ranges.

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Yeah, this is the best way i can find. Sometimes its amusing asking for a great tweet that encapsulates ‘this article’ and then it gives me over a 2000+ character post consisting of multiple paragraphs of text. The rest of the time, it’s just frustrating. I know AI doing math is the next step in the process they’re struggling with, but a Windows 95 word app can do character counts just fine…

Yeah it’s super annoying and needs to be solved for. For example in creating a GPT i will specify rules it must follow, (word count) or return total word count, and it will just FAIL. FAIL.FAIL