Do results differ each time?

So I have a general question on how it process information and if is unique every time. I see users creating articles based on topics and wanted to know if someone else enters the same topic it would create a unique article?

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Good question.
If your question is precise, you will get the same answer. For example, the capital of a country.

If your question is more general, then it might change.
To make sure, carefully use the temperature parameter and you will no doubt get different results.

If you use the APiI you have access to setting to control how the response can vary.

OpenAI’s language model has several settings that govern how creative the answer is (temperature), how often the same word is used (frequency penalty) and the probability of discussing new topics (presence penalty).

The web interface is only configurable through the prompt you feed it.

Good luck :+1:t3:

Exactly. Well expressed.

Here is a notebook to get started using the parameters with GPT-3. Once
that is learned, then moving on to GPT-3.5-turbo and GPT-4 is easier. It’s
like learning how to walk before running!

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