Do names of vector stores names help the assitant 'retrieve' like function names do?

I noted in the API documentation for assistants=v2 that creating a vector store in their example has the name: “Support FAQ”.

What’s the protocol here? Should i just have 1 vs for an assistant and add all the files I want to it? What’s the benefit of multiple vector stores for one assistant? Is it to help the assistant find what it’s looking for based on the the vector store name? (i.e. Support FAQ, another called Internal Training, etc)?

The name of the vector store isn’t sent in the model message at all, and doesn’t impact the model’s ability to retrieve. The name simply helps you find your vector store.

You can only have 1 vector store per assistant today. And you can nudge the model to use the knowledge in the vector store in your assistant instructions.


Great , thanks for the reply. It would be great in the future if we don’t have to nudge as the mere enabling of the tool in the assistant should be that nudge.

Keep up the great work. Really excited to be building our new app on top of this.

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