Different prompt tokens betwen OpenAI tokenizer or Azure OpenAI and OPENAI API via python library


I’m testing the option “bring our own data” to chatGPT and I notice the number of prompt tokens are different between OpenAI Tokenizer or Azure OpenAI and when I using the OpenAI python library (openai==1.7.0 or openai==0.27.7), via API the usage return more 4x or 5x times prompt tokens.

I define the connector AzureCognitiveSearch to search in my documents. Follow my example for chat completion:

message_text = [{“role”:“system”,“content”:“You are an AI assistant that helps people find information.”}, {“role”:“user”,“content”:myQuestion}]

completion = openai.ChatCompletion.create(
messages = message_text,
“dataSources”: [
“type”: “AzureCognitiveSearch”,
“parameters”: {
“endpoint”: ###My Azure AI Search Endpoint,
“indexName”: “XXXXXXXX-vector-index”,
“embeddingDeploymentName”: “text-embedding-ada-002”,
“embeddingEndpoint”: ###My Azure OpenAI Endpoint ,
“embeddingKey”: “XXXXXXXXXX”,
“fieldsMapping”: {
“contentFields”: [“Content”],
“titleField”: “title”,
“urlField”: “HTML_URL”,
“vectorFields”: [“ContentVector”]
“queryType”: “vectorSemanticHybrid”,
“semanticConfiguration”: “XXXXXXXX-semantic-config” ,
“inScope”: False,
“topNDocuments”: 5,
“strictness”: 3

Does anyone have the same problem or any clues as to why this happened?
I try to check what was passed from the “AzureCognitiveSearch” connector, but I don’t find relevant information.


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I’m in the same exact boat, trying to figure out the root cause of this.

I’ve tried various parameters, etc. Using semantic search, with only top 5 or top 3 documents, and asking a basic (5-10 token question along with a 100 token system prompt) - My responses from Azure Open AI are telling me I am using 6000 prompt tokens on average (GPT4, 8K).

After doing some chunking on my data (200 token chunks), I was able to reduce prompt tokens down to 4,000.

Still, this just seems extremely high and I cannot pin point what I am doing wrong.

Is this what you are also seeing?


It’s the same experience I have!

The number of prompt tokens is exaggeratedly huge when I use the AzureCognitiveSearch extension.

The workaround I used to overcome the problem was to first search for the data using a hybrid search in AI Search and then pass the result to the OpenAI prompt.
This way I don’t need to use the AzureCognitiveSearch extension and the prompt tokens have been significantly reduced.

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Wow, thanks for the insight here. I hope Azure can address this issue as it seems significant

Same experience here.

The number of 'prompt tokens ’ are extremely high when using the AzureCognitiveSearch extension.

Will try the suggested workaround from _JRMNFRTCM above.

Any insight as to why this is happening or if Microsoft plans to address it is appreciated.