Difference between chatgpt and custom version of chatgpt?

Can someone please difference between chatgpt and custom versions of chatgpt like “YouTube summary” and “image generator” that are available in explore GPT options on chatgpt left side as shown in attached snap

Here a msg is also shown:

discover custom verisons of chatgpt created for specific use cases like writing ,research and coding"

what that means if want to get some information regarding coding or research , it is better to custom versions of chatgpt?

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Custom GPTs are made by users, and they have additional instructions that you can’t see (like a long introductory first chat message). Some of them are also connected to other services that allows them to interact with with other webpages :slight_smile:

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You mean to say custom GPTs are much more powerful than Chatgpt?

No, I’m saying that there’s not much difference between custom GPTs and ChatGPT, apart from the custom ones being able to directly access specific URLs.

I see them more of a convenience thing. For instance, you can create a custom GPT with specific instructions, like

“The User’s name is ABTJ, and their favourite food in the whole world is Strawberry Cheescake.”

Then, every time you activate that custom GPT, it will always know these things.

I don’t know how much is available on the free tier, but if you click on your profile (top right) you might be able to “Customize ChatGPT”

this would essentially make “your” ChatGPT a “custom” ChatGPT (apart from the function calling)


Custom GPT are customized versions of the base GPT, where users add additional instructions or enable communication with external servers.

Have you ever felt that the base GPT seems capable of everything but ends up being a jack of all trades and master of none?

Custom GPTs address this issue by specializing in specific tasks. While this specialization might reduce flexibility, it is a trade-off.

Thanks for your response . I have already gone through this experience in my GPT 3.5 even months before arrival of GPT 4O, the snap of screen you shared, i have provided commands to it

apart from the custom ones being able to directly access specific URLs.
If possible, Can you please also elaborate here what you mean?
Do you mean chatgpt is not able to directly access any URL/website?

Custom GPTs can be set up to call APIs (URLs) directly

it can be more consistent than the browsing feature.

e.g. here, if you set this up, you can ask your custom GPT “What’s the weather like?”, and it might use that function to inform a response.