Did carter promise to reveal UFO information?

So random.


I can’t find any reference from a credible source for this.

Certainly GPT4 couldn’t provide anything beyond that Carter thought he saw a ufo once.

It’s like urban fokelore gets encoded in GPT4 when nobody bothers to contradict it.

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Hehehe you should never fully rely on probabilistic models.

Here is the credible source for the claim:

As of my understanding the conversation is not an event of a LLM hallucinating.

I did check because I was worried why my hallucination remedies wouldn’t work on this case.

Edit. Autocorrect

That’s really not credible … if GPT4 is relying on wikipedia as credible, we’re in trouble

wikipedia is a great source of citations, it’s not a great source of credibility.

I emailed the archivists at the carter library to see if they can send me something. I’m betting they won’t have anything and this is potentially just folklore based on the fact he was a ufo believer

Also, i wouldn’t call this a hallucination … more like a psychotic break :stuck_out_tongue: