Design advice - one or many Assistants?

Hi, I am wondering about the optimal knowledge scope of an Assistant that uses vector stores to perform filesearch.

My assistant will extract data from say circa 200 files that document large capital intensive construction projects with the aim of populating a database.

Is it OK if all the documentation for the different projects (say 100 of them) goes in the same vector store, or should I create a separate Assistant for each construction project?

I would like to build the information in the vector store over time and maybe open it up for chat-bots, hence the reason for not just deleting and recreating a vector store per construction project for each run.

I thought that providing document metadata to the vector store would solve this problem (guide the Assistant as to which construction project the content belongs to) but unfortunately this is not yet supported. I can add my own metadata data to text files (although this will be destroyed by chunking) but cannot add my own metadata to pdfs so the custom-metadata wont work either.

Any advice gratefully received, thank you A :slight_smile: