Degrading stability with GPT4

As a loyal and supportive paid subscriber, I’ve been enjoying the benefits of your incredible AI technology. However, recently, I’ve noticed a significant decline in the usability of ChatGPT, specifically the GPT-4 model. This has led to a less satisfying experience overall.

While using the service, I often encounter network errors or usage limit warnings well before reaching the stated 25-message allowance. I understand the enormous demand for your product and the challenges that come with managing such a popular service. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to maintain a quality user experience for all customers, especially those who have chosen to support you through paid subscriptions.

I kindly ask that you continue to prioritize the needs of your dedicated subscribers and work towards addressing these issues. Any assistance or improvements to the service would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and I look forward to experiencing a more reliable and enjoyable ChatGPT in the future.


The 25-message limit is not the worst part. The degradation in the quality of the responses is much more concerning. GPT-4 no longer offers any advantages compared to the free version. I suggest cancelling subscription.

Bravo nice letter. And yes it’s way bad now and good lord. Bing is useless it was great for like 2 days then adios

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