Decoding Exported Data by Parsing conversations.json and/or chat.html

After exporting the chatgpt data, I would like to recreate the conversations similar to what is available in chat.html. It is not immediately clear to me how the mapping is structured in conversations.json. Is this documented somewhere?

I also tried to copy/paste chat.html into ChatGPT to see if I could get ChatGPT to figure out what the html code was doing, but I got a violation of terms acknowledgement window. Does anyone know why that might be?


Nevermind on part 2. It was related to having a really long line of json data apparently.

Finally got it working. Here is the conversation:

I was able to eventually get ChatGPT to get it. I didn’t have to understand much of the code at all, but it did take a few hours to navigate the straying, etc.

The code at the bottom seems to work ok.

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Hi, I’m working on the same thing; I had chatgpt write a python script to convert the json file into something I would work with using tiddlywiki as an importer. Any progress on this? Does anyone know if my conversations.json file is available via API?

If you log into the site, you can export your conversations (via settings). The files are produced and a link/ url is emailed to you. Click on the link and it will download. But be aware that the conversations.json file format has recently changed . The example code here is out of date.

I’m working on a tool to do the sort of thing described here (in my case, it’s to create local markdown files from an export). It’s working great so far but there’s still a little more to do. If you’d like to try it out, shoot me a message at marty at martiansoftware dot com and I’ll send you a copy as soon as it’s ready.