DALLE 3 - revised_prompt - Where can we return this from our API call?

I have searched everywhere. Where can we return the revised_prompt Dalle 3 uses for image creation via API? [https://platform.openai.com/docs/guides/images/usage?context=node#:~:text=The%20updated%20prompt%20is%20visible%20in%20the%20revised_prompt%20field%20of%20the%20data%20response%20object.](https://DALLE3 API Reference)

I ask as the API documentation implies a data response: " The updated prompt is visible in the revised_prompt field of the data response object.".

It should be in the return object with the image URL or b64 data…

  "url": "...",
  "revised_prompt": "..."

This worked like a champ. Many thanks for the great response!