Customize OpenAI embedding model

HI, I’m wondering if it is possible to customize openAI embedding model so that I have a unique model that only I’m going to use.

Let me know, Thanks

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I was wondering the exact same thing. I have been trying to play with the format of the text I input into the embeddings, but that did not work very well.

Yes, it seems only the base models can be finetuned and embedding model is not the base model

Fine tuning also doesn’t change the embedding model. (E g, it’s the same embeddings/vectors; it just re-weights them.)
So, no, you can’t get a custom model, other than what you get with fine tuning, and you can only fine tune gpt-3, not 3.5 or 4.

I’ve had really good success with embeddings. And you don’t need a private model to create an AI experience that looks like you have a proprietary model.

It’s really difficult to assess why either of your projects are struggling without details. Many of the experts in this community don’t have the time to ask you questions and compel you to share your technical approach. You need to give them a clear understanding.

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