Custom voices for TTS API

TTS is very very good. Great work shipping it!

Is it planned to release more voices and/or the ability to build custom voices? For our use case we’d need about 4-8 custom voices which are available exclusively to us.


Second this. Would like to see custom voices (my dream) but I’ll take the addition of some more OpenAI created voices for us all to use. The initial 6 are awesome! :raised_hands:

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Yes. More voices please. 300 should do!

Agree, please add more voice options ASAP. I use the TTS API in an app with a large user base. The most common feedback received is “when will we have more voice options?”.
If this isn’t going to be anytime soon, I may need to explore other TTS services outside of OpenAI (use OpenAI GPT4 API to generate scripts, and then pass along to another TTS service).