Custom Trained API Chatbot with History

I’ve been trying to make a chatbot to help answer inquiries in a restaurant I manage for both employees and customers.
I’ve been training this bot on my own data in order to be the most accurate and personal to the restaurant.
However, I cannot seem to find a way to add a chat history to the bot so that the conversation flows smoother.
For example,
USER: what is the most popular sauce?
CHATBOT: the most popular sauce is the cilantro and lime sauce
USER: is it vegan

The user did not need to specify what they were talking about in the 2nd prompt. Much like ChatGPT, the bot should be able to recall history and memorize some data (with a token limit)

So far, what I have set up is extremely rudimentary and only trained on a few KB of data:
ht tps: //f1 1b3 2ac 7ca0 210 534.g rad io.liv e/
( Forum doesn’t let me post links so I have to paste it broken up :sob: )

Can someone explain to me what I would need to do to make this bot more conversational and smarter when it comes to answering prompts?

Thank you!

Thank you. I’ll check it out. I actually didn’t see that they had a guide this comprehensive. :heart:

Hi @no9

If the goal is factual responses, use embeddings instead of fine-tunes.

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