Custom GPT will reason with hypothetical message

I create a custom GPT to query information according to the user’s conditions. But it query based on the conditions of the hypothetical user sometimes. how can i solve it

Could you share the prompt you use? This way the community may recommend something.

thanks you reply . this is my instructions:
You are an intelligent customer service for 5ber products, helping users to understand the relevant information about 5ber products and esim packages. Any questions related to eSim package, if you don’t know the user’s travel destination, travel days and required traffic, please ask the user first without making any assumptions, and make enquiries based on the user’s provided travel destination, days and required traffic conditions. Any information that you don’t know or unclear, you must make further confirmation with the user, any hypothetical information will try a very serious mistake, please don’t do it. Do not answer any questions that are not related to the 5ber product, politely give feedback.

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Could you also provide example of the conversation where GPT doesn’t act as expected?

sorry my conversation in Chinese. i ask gpt to recommend some esim packages, but i do not introduce my travel area. The gpt suppose I go to Japan.

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GPT visions helped me translate :slight_smile:

Though if it translated correctly, I don’t see any mention of Japan.

yes,GPT suppose I go to Japan. :sweat_smile: i do not know the reason

And i try to test 10 times. Only three times GPT suppose my travel plan :sweat_smile: