Custom GPT from Chat Conversations

I’d like a feature enabling the creation of custom GPT models from specific chat interactions. This would capture the essence of effective chats, allowing for a GPT that’s already attuned to particular topics or questions, streamlining future interactions.

Well the GPT is designed to treat every interaction as blank slate. Which makes me wonder, what is the purpose of programming the personality/functions of one when you create it if they’re simply going to apply a static “amnesic” state over the GPT?

I’ve tried training several on my own artistic styles and it has not even performed anywhere near satisfactory when I return. Even to the same chat it struggles to maintain a “personality.” Obviously this technology is still developing, but I think we need a set of can’s and can’ts clearly outlined.

I am trying to understand the environment in which I am operating this stuff, but it can be so… wishy washy? Inconsistency is a pernicious issue.