Creating large outputs (eg 20-30 page docs) with Assistants?

Hi all

I was wondering if anybody has some experience on how to use Assistants to GENERATE large documents, for instance a 50 page document.

I find it very capable of dealing with large datasets as INPUT (e.g. 20 docs of 100 pages) but when ask it to create a 20 or 30 page document (should be <128k tokens) based on all those input docs and specific instructions on what to do, it keeps giving a summary output only of 1 or 2 pages max.

Any thoughts on what I am missing or could do?

Alternatively, my thinking is to ask it first to start small with an overall outline and then ask it to expend each section, and then verify consistency between the parts, but that’s not ideal to be honest.

There are no (public) OpenAI models that can generate that amount of content in one run. The current max is 4096 tokens?
If you can split it up in ‘chapters’ you could let those be generated separately and then combine the individual responses.

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I’ve tried this in the past with just the general API for various types of tasks and never succeeded at having it generate more than a couple of pages. I typically combine GenAI with robotics process automation, which then reduces the burden when you opt for a section by section approach or something similar to what you describe.

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