Crawling Website Tutorial Rate Limit Error

While working through this tutorial, I encountered the Rate Limit Error. It says you have a Limit of : 60.000000 / min. But your Current is.: 70.000000 / min. Please add a payment method to your account to increase your rate limit.

Do we have to be a non-free tier member to learn from this tutorial?

While working through which tutorial?

I stand corrected. I meant while running the code given in the tutorial!

Can you post the code in question? Which tutorial?

I don’t think they would post code that would hit it too often, but I could be wrong.


I am referring to this tutorial (hyperlink): How to build an AI…

The code snippet is the one where we create the embeddings. It’s here:

df['embeddings'] = df.text.apply(
        lambda x: openai.Embedding.create(input=x, engine='text-embedding-ada-002')['data'][0]['embedding'])
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Okay, yeah, thanks.

If it’s not working on free-tier, or you can’t pause, it looks like you’ll need a paid plan.

You could try leaving a thoughtful post in the Feedback topic of this forum if you’d like.

Can you try embedding less text maybe? You know what they say about free!

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Thanks for the reply.

Yeah, free loaders are not welcome :wink:

The tutorial clearly stated in the header I would imagine, getting the same error also.