Costing of short-lived (e.g. 1 hour) assistants API

Hi all,
The app I am building would create dynamically assistants which will live for the duration of a session (less than 1 hour) and use a small text file of approx 1 Mbyte.
Do you know what would be the charging?
Is it going to be something like a full daily charge of every generated assistant ($0.2 GB / 1000), or something like a hourly charge $0.2 GB / 1000 / 24?

Also can you please verify that when using assistants then the entire chat is fed back, hence increasing further the cost of every response?

Thanks in advance

Assistants in itself do not have any charge.

You are essentially charged only for:
a) Each Run (your model cost)
b) File storage/Retrieval - $0.2/gb/assistant per day
c) Code Interpreter 0.03/session

So technically, your cost will be:
$0.20 + Run cost (higher models will cost more etc)

Does this help you?

So if the assistant is created and deleted for 1 hour, I would still be charged for a full day, right?