Cost Comparison details between OpenAI Whisper translation API and Azure's Whisper translation

I can’t find any cost comparison between OpenAI’s Whisper API and Whisper on Azure. Can someone provide some information on this?


0.36 cents per hour

But note that it only works in a handful of regions, you need to create a resource in the appropriate region

That said, I’d be curious to know how much it costs to host it yourself :thinking:

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Thank you @Diet. Any idea if they allow to fine tune whisper model on Azure?

I don’t think so

Technically whisper is still in preview

It’s kind of hard to navigate azure and half of the regions are overloaded for finetunes, but europe west has whisper, but is not giving me the option to finetune it

on the other hand, west europe is not supposed to have babbage finetune either, so who even knows lol

so I’d guess not, you’d have to self host

That said, azure has super complicated user tiers and it might be offered to some managed accounts, but my guess is that you’d probably have to self-deploy.

Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful!