Conversation IDE, Map & Conversation structure

I’ve been thinking for quite some time about the workspace of ChatGPT and how it can easily become cluttered in the conversation list since you can only essentially change the name. My thought for some time now has been that I believe it would be greatly appreciated if a simple feature, such as making it possible to organize the conversation list in the order of one’s own preference and not automatically having the most recent one you worked on appear at the top, or at least giving the option to decide for oneself. Additionally, having the possibility to create folders where you can store your conversations to truly organize them, I believe would immensely improve the experience. It would be more like an IDE when you write code.

You get moved over to ChatGPT → Feature request.

There is one technique that you can do to make one conversation on the side bar a bit more useful. You can edit the first conversation and type in a new input. You then will have two different complete conversations (up to 5) that you can toggle between when revisiting that conversation list item.