Contextually auto-naming assistant threads?

Is there a response metadata in the assistants api that comes from generating an already summarized title of a thread, like ChatGPT does natively? I’d like to have the threads auto-named in my UI instead of just referring to them by id like “thread_Yjwp7Q5gCa9JjklduP47IDI”.

Just starting looking into threads. I agree I want my users to be able to maintain separate threads while they work through specific documents so all memory is related to that specific document. Ok, just realized I can may in the UI. Why do you see the problem with the name as is? Interested in your use case.

You can store metadata in messages. Try a thread titiler AI call to “you write 3-5 word description of a question/answer that will appear as a title heading” with the first two turns of a thread. Then you just need to do a recall method that gets all threads, hundreds or thousands, reads all their first messages, maybe has metadata for customer assigment also - or just toss the whole assistant system and use a database.

This topic: “API Metadata Response Query”