content_policy_violation in DALL-E 3 API For Non-English Prompts

Thank you for announcing the DALL-E 3 API.
however, I encountered a problem with content_policy_violation when using it, sometimes the error is triggered when entering the Chinese dalle prompt

{“error”:{“code”:“content_policy_violation”,“message”:“Your request was rejected as a result of our safety system. Your prompt may contain text that is not allowed by our safety system.”,“param”:null,“type”:“invalid_request_error”}}
{“error”:{“code”:“content_policy_violation”,“message”:“This request has been blocked by our content filters.”,“param”:null,“type”:“invalid_request_error”}}

When I meet content_policy_violation ,i try again with the same Chinese input, sometimes the call succeeds but does not trigger the content_policy_violation error
i notice you fix for the issue of non-English prompts being flagged incorrectly for safety(Concerns Over Stringent Content Policy Blocks in DALL-E 3 API, Especially For Non-English Prompts - #4 by owencmoore)
I guess is that the image generated by dalle is prompt1-prompt2-image.
my prompt1 is Chinese,my prompt2 is generated by gpt, maybe prompt2 triggers content_policy?

How can I avoid this error?
Looking forward to your reply, thank you!

That could be it. Is there any way to translate your Chinese prompt to english and check it then send?

Thanks for replying, i’ll give it a try

Thank you for your suggestion. However, this adds an extra step to my process and may not always accurately capture the nuance of my original Chinese prompt. Is there a way to adjust the content filters to better accommodate non-English prompts, or perhaps a mechanism to review and approve prompts that are mistakenly flagged? I appreciate your help and look forward to further improvements in the DALL-E 3 API.

With more than 100 million active users and billions of messages, a manual review process like that would not be practical. Whatever solution you implement will have to come from your end.

I’m not looking for manual review, but I will try to find solutions on my end to ensure that they adhere to the content policies while still conveying the intent I aim for. Thank you for your suggestion.