Consistent image style across multiple images

I have been trying to figure out if there is a way to get a consistent image style across multiple images, either in the ChatGPT4 chat UI with DAALLE or in the ChatGPT DALLE API.

Eg a use case is when you are making illustrations for a book and you want them to all have a consistent style and/or recurring scratchers and/or landscape and objects.

So far I found suggestions around prompt enginering, use of seed or gen id, altho I am unclear on whether these stil work in the chat they don’t seem to available in the API.

I was also wondering if there are more up to date info on what is considered a best practice way to achieve this? (Seems like a fairly common use case)

And I’ve seen tools like Adobe firefly allow to upload a reference image for style. But can’y figure out a way to achieve the same in ChatGPT, consistently and reliably,

Any suggestions?

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