Configuring Assistant API to be an Ad Operations Specialist

Hey everyone,

We are looking to utilize the API to create an optimizer for our system.
Our system is an Ad Server built for Ad Network to monetize their supply.
The goal is for the API to give suggestions about how to optimize revenue based on reports, the reports will be provided as a JSON file using my other server, I have looked into the options I have and it seems like the assistant API is what I need, after playing with him for a couple of days I am still unable to find the proper way of getting him to do what I need because the reports I provide to him are long he sometimes don’t have an answer, at times he does answer, he could give wrong suggestions based on wrong calculations, other times he could completely ignore the fact he should always return a JSON object and return text.

I have settled him up with a super specific description and I have attached a PDF of a flowchart of how to analyze the report in his Knowledge file.

My questions are as follows:

  1. How to make sure he would listen to only return a JSON?
  2. How can I be 100% confident with him before we would implement him into our system?
  3. Does someone perhaps know a better method of setting him up? or training him?
  4. What will be the cheapest model we can use for him?

Can someone help with this please?