Complete specification of all endpoints - GPT-3

Hello, I am new here in the forum.
I would like to know if there is a way to download the complete specification of all endpoints of the GPT-3 as json or yaml.
For example, OpenAI API talks about “permissions” in the response but there is no information about what they contain.
I have found this yaml here openai-openapi/openapi.yaml at master · openai/openai-openapi · GitHub, but this does not contain such information either. And i am not sure how old this one is.

If there is documentation on this and I haven’t found it, I’m sorry. Please point it to me. If there is no open specification, will there be such a thing in the future?
A complete specification would make it easier to write a service that uses openai and it would be easier to find and adapt the changed parts for the updates.

best greetings
Anton B