Codex: Translating code to pseudo-code possible? Doesn't appear so

I’d tried to convert snippets of Python code which contain implementations of algorithms, into pseudo-code algorithm descriptions like the ones you see on Wikipedia:

 1  procedure BFS(G, root) is
 2      let Q be a queue
 3      label root as explored
 4      Q.enqueue(root)
 5      while Q is not empty do
 6          v := Q.dequeue()
 7          if v is the goal then
 8              return v
 9          for all edges from v to w in G.adjacentEdges(v) do
10              if w is not labeled as explored then
11                  label w as explored
12                  Q.enqueue(w)

It doesn’t appear to work well using Davinci 2 with the prompt:

##### Translate this code from Python into Pseudocode
### Python

### Pseudocode

Or using “Algorithm” instead.

Is there a particular wording you can use to do this, or is it a bit out of the scope of Codex’s abilities at the moment?

Thank you =)