Codex JS Playground is Repetitive

While getting my hands on CODEX, I started playing in the JS Playground. This is for the staff working at the playground. I know it’s just for demo purposes, but it should be working well because some people would like to prospect ideas and if it’s not working properly, it beats its purpose.

I notice that when trying to get it to generate something bigger, it becomes repetitive, like for example using this prompt:

‘make a 3d animation of a cube:’

It would be awesome if you tweak the output parameters so as not to become repetitive.

I can think of the following options:

  1. First add a couple of simple examples to improve the prompt, and make it clear that the code needs to be solved. You can edit the code on the right hand side to do this, or call a few simpler requests first.
  2. Define your question in more details. Even within the first example, split it into a few smaller instructions with a comma for example.
  3. Use frequency and presence penalty, which can reduce repetitiveness. It doesn’t look like this can currently be modified on JS Playground.

It seems to be creating multiple cubes as well. I’d also recommend editing it to just have one cube loaded into the DOM and then write the next comment from there.


Why did I not think of this? Thank you!

Nevertheless, this still does not address the underlying issue, but it is a workaround.


Boris, thank you. Spot on advice! :slight_smile: