Codex: Example projects

I find Codex is difficult to use. The API is not intuitive and doesn’t “work” as well as the Playground. Are there any example projects? OpenAI showcased the manipulation of a word document in the initial Codex showcase—is the code available online?

Side question: Do you think Codex can solve simple mazes and other gridworld environments?

did you see the documentation? run these examples in the playground. it should work. or specify what you were planning to test.

Running the example provided in the documentation in the playground is fine. When I try similar prompts via the API, I get poor completions. This is obviously an issue on my side; however, I can not find example projects online to guide me.

Welcome to the OpenAI community @hrrsmjd!

Can you share the prompts and model settings with us that gave you undesirable results? We should be able to help you.

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