Code Interpreter Python Packages

If I upload a ZIP file of a python package and ask the Code Interpreter to use it, it works fine. But if I’m doing analysis and then later I try to upload a ZIP file, it says that it cannot use it.

Wondering if there’s a workaround or they’ll try to upgrade the libraries going forward?

Are you getting a specific error message?

You’re saying it works for one type of file but not another? Is the second ZIP a lot larger? There’s a context window… maybe you’re running into that?

If I upload it right at the beginning of new chat it works. If I upload anytime after that, it says it cannot download/use libraries or go online.

Are you using a chat plugin? It still sounds like the file is too big or you’re beyond the context window.

The code interpreter is the only one you can upload files with.


If it works at the beginning and not mid-chat, it sounds like it’s a context/size problem.