Clearing ChatGPT’s python session

Hi my GPT 4.0 has been facing an issue where I asked it to visualize an stl file, which it did perfectly. But later attempts to use the python session failed. I assume the plotting window might still be open. Sadly Gpt doesn’t know how to close it. Could you help it do that?

The AI doesn’t have a python “plotting window”.

AI-written code will provide the location of images or the values of computation to the AI as a function return.

The environment is a Jupyter notebook. So that means that responses of a session continue to be built upon previous code as if you were working in notebook IDE, which may have existing variables and files within the mount point.

So to have AI write stateless new code, you’ll have to ensure a clear if you want to guarantee successful overwrite of file names or have variables undefined.

the AI prompt could be:

Completely reset the Python notebook environment and clear the contents of the mount point, following these code steps:

  1. Execute the reset command to clear the Python environment. Use %reset -f to force a reset without confirmation.
  2. Use Python’s os and shutil modules to remove all files and directories within the mount point (e.g., /mnt/data). This will clear any stored data.
  3. Attempt to access a file or perform an operation that would confirm the reset was successful, such as trying to read a file that was previously stored in the mount point or access a variable previously set by AI. This process ensures both the Python environment and the associated mount point are reset, providing a clean slate for subsequent operations.

Or let the AI figure out “reset the python notebook and delete all mount point files”. This will kill even uploaded files.

Not sure I got everything, but apparently this didn’t quite work. (Pic)

I figured out that the plotting wasn’t the problem. Not sure what was