Chnages to fine-tuning documentation

I have noticed that in the fine-tuning section of the guides, the section related to creating an expert model has been removed. Fortunately, I still had it open in another window. However, since it’s gone now, I’m wondering if I should consider another approach to my problem. Does anyone know what the reason for the deletion is?


Hi! We found these guides weren’t detailed enough and often lead to confusion. We’re working on more tutorials which we’ll be adding soon! Do you have anything in particular you’re looking for?


Well, no, I guess I’ve got what I need. My task (or test) is to create a chatbot that will answer questions consistent with a guidelines document. I plan to use the instructions that were given with the expert model case study. I guess if I’ve got your attention, I would ask this: The document I want to reference is a hair over 3000 tokens. Since I need to divide it, do I have to worry about keeping the sections coherent and related, or is it enough to just get the data fed into the finetunes? Also, on a previous finetuning task I had, I added the end-prompt and end-completion tags, but in this case, there is no prompt at all. So does that mean I don’t need to worry about the end-completion tags?

Thanks for the answer and any advice you can give.