ChatGPT's Knowledge Across Languages

Hello everyone!

I’ve been pondering a thought-provoking question about ChatGPT and its language understanding capabilities, and I’m excited to share it with you for some insightful discussions.

Let’s dive into a hypothetical situation to illustrate my point. Imagine if the training on the color of oranges – that they are ‘orange’ – was conducted solely through English texts. Does this mean ChatGPT recognizes and understands that oranges are orange regardless of the language used in conversation?

My intuition suggests that ChatGPT possesses this knowledge intrinsically and can express it in any language during a conversation. But, I’m curious to hear your thoughts and insights on this.

Have any of you pondered this aspect of ChatGPT’s language understanding? Does the knowledge it acquires in one language permeate through others seamlessly? I’m looking forward to an engaging discussion and learning from your perspectives!

There needs to be some connection for the translation. For example, the AI might have numerous examples where (apple–>red) and (ringo–>akai あかい).

AI can then infer that baboon butt → red even if we only gave it Japanese primate Wikipedia as knowledge to answer from in English.

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