ChatGPTs intellectul detoriation from Feb 2024 - March 2024

I have been a paid user for quite some time, but Lately. I am not sure why CHAT GPT 4 is loosing its grip for ever other solution I have to regenerate the solutions, even for basic calculations it is getting stuck in loops.
I am unsure if the New Plugin Flood is destroying the model’s former glory; now, it is becoming increasingly challenging to keep CHAT GPT as a Workmate. Also, the Translation and its lingual ability seem dumbed down.

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Not sure what you mean :thinking:

oh yeah it’s probably a good idea to ask it to use python to solve calculations, although I understand that can also occasionally be a miss.

Performance degredation over time has been an observable issue since at least june '23. No one is sure what model they’re using under the hood for chatgpt, but it certainly does feel like minor increments of new models degrade the performance.

You can get around that somewhat by using the API and selecting older models, but they’re restricting access to the oldest, most powerful models to the legacy users :confused:

I agree with you 100% and its breaking my heart cause i felt so much confident that we have the vest AI. When creating my GPT’s its now becoming chalkenging for the mid to grasp my prompts and return goid info as it used to do in the past i attended an AWS Developer webinar, and i found them to be way behind CHATGPTAI that made me feel so good that I am at the right place here. Nut your point is evident is there anything we can donto avoid loosing the grip

Well now it deteriorated more apparently… I asked it to number some text, and what it did was akin to

“(2) Firstly, this information is information. (3) Secondly, this is how it writes. (4) Thirdly, this is getting frustrating.”

I tried correcting it to number it to the points accordingly, or to remove its worded numbering… I tried multiple times but it just spewed the same thing over and over again in the same format…

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